Grandpa's Home Place

grandpas home place

 Grandpa’s Home Place is located one mile west of Omak, and it is farmed by Jim and Sandee Freese. Established by Jim's grandfather 107 years ago,  God’s grace, hard work, and sustainable methods have kept it going. There are now many varieties of  delicious conventional and organic fruit, including over 17 varieties of apples to sell and four pear varieties,  many of which are heirloom varieties.  One of the heirloom apples called “Golden Russett” stands out in particular.  It is one of England’s favorites, and when people taste test it on the farm, it becomes a favorite to them also. Grandpa's Homeplace also has a unique calling;  preserving heirloom apple varieties for future generations to enjoy.  They have over 300 heirloom varieties on their farm. When the trees are ready to harvest, all those different apples growing in the orchard reminds one of jewels or Christmas ornaments hanging on the trees!  Each apple has its own characteristic and taste.  Many of these apples are good for making hard cider. Jim and Sandee also offer guided walking tours of their orchard for groups of four or more. They  love having people stop by to sample their fruit and enjoy “old fashioned quality you can trust and taste!”